The world shaped in jewelry

Jewelry in the shape of a country? Designer Jasbir Sandhu shows it can be done… She makes wearable ‘map jewelry’ with complete geographical accuracy!

A ring in the shape of Switzerland or a pendant in the shape of France…  These cool ‘wearable maps’ are developed by Jasbir Sandhu from Singapore. She has always been fascinated by geography and not long ago started making contemporary art jewelry in the shape of the geographical borders of countries. The collection is called ‘J*S’ by JustSo and includes necklaces, broaches, bracelets, earrings and pins in steal, gold, silver and diamonds. They are all laser-cut to perfection: the designs are based on detailed satellite images for complete geographical accuracy. So far, the artist made jewelry in the shape of Belgium, France, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore and the USA, but she plans to take on the whole wide world jewelry-style!