Museum of forgotten things

Ever wonder what happens to the things you leave behind in a hotel room? In a hotel in Novgorod (Russia), your forgotten item turns into a piece of art: it’s placed in the ‘Museum of forgotten things’ for everyone to see. Now here’s something every hotel should have! 

The ‘Volkhov’ is the oldest hotel in Veliky Novgorod, a historic city situated on the main road between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Down in the lobby you’ll find a line of glass displays and above that a Russian signs that says ‘Museum of forgotten things.’ On the racks are hundreds of the most peculiar items left behind by hotel guests over the past 50 years, from old books to razors and tape recorders!  


Trip down memory lane

A few examples of forgotten items: an oil lamp, worn books, old camera’s, lucky charms, beauty products, business documents, maps, albums, photos, agendas, razor blades, knives, alarm clocks, writing gear, money, stamps, a suitcase, a tape recorder, even a shirt and tie!  The very first item in the museum dates back to 1959 and is a sort of a cowbell, an iron instrument that used to be hung around the neck of a cow or horse. Every decade has its distinctive features for sure…



With every item is the name of the person that left it behind, his city or country of origin and the room number and the check-out date. Fun to imagine the stories behind the objects.


I think it’s a terrific idea for every hotel to startup a museum of forgotten things. I once left my cell phone case behind in a hotel room, I wonder how people would look at it fifty years from now, if it should ever appear in a hotel display…