Happy in Paris! And Toulouse! And Berlin! And more!

The interactive ‘Happy’ music video by Pharrell Williams, full of people dancing and lip-synching all over Los Angeles, has inspired others to do the same in their city. Here’s Happy in Toulouse, Paris, Berlin and many more!

Since I posted this, new videos were made in cities like Brussels, Sydney and Moscow! It’s not only fun to watch, it’s also a great way to test your knowledge of the cities: how many places do you recognize? 🙂

The latest addition: Happy in Rio!

Happy in Paris:

Happy in Toulouse:

Happy in Brussels:

And more Brussels:

Happy in Sydney:

Happy in Moscow:

Happy in Berlin:

Happy in Sibiu (Romania):

And the original in L.A.:

  • Anonymous

    Place Saint-Pierre, les quais de la Daurade, la place Saint-Etienne, le Capitole, les allées Jean-Jaurès,…!!!! :):):)

  • Brussels has many “We are from…”
    Here is another one… if you’re interested, You can post it.
    Best regards

  • Thanks, I have added the video!