Montana (and a bit of Wyoming) in 15 Instagrams

Travelr Network claims that Montana is the most Instagrammable state in America and I have to agree. It’s very hard to make bad pictures when you have dramatic mountain ranges, gorgeous lakes and all kinds of other amazing sights right in front of you… all the time! Here’s 15 of my own Instagrams of Montana (and a bit of Wyoming, too). A preview of how beautiful and unspoiled this part of the USA really is.  

1. Jenny Lake at the base of the Teton mountains. We spent an hour here just staring out to the lake. (WY)


2. The landscape during a hike in the Jewel Basin of the Flathead National Forest. Starting point: Camp Misery. Really! (MT)


3. Did you know that part of Yellowstone National Park is in Montana? We didn’t until we saw this sign in the park. (MT)


4. It’s not Old Faithful, but it’s equally impressive: one of the geysers at the Lower Geyser basin in Yellowstone NP. (WY/MT)


5. Dried up terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone NP. The landscape here truly is out of this world. (WY/MT)


6. Sunset in Missoula. I climbed on a fire escape ladder in the city centre to take the picture… (MT)


7. Garnet, one of the best preserved ghost towns in Montana. And not spooky at all! (MT)


8. Holland Lake in the Flathead National Forest. One of the best views on our trip! (MT)


9. Horses at the Blacktail Ranch in the gorgeous Wolf Creek area, Lewis and Clark County. (MT)


10. Waking up in Colter Bay, in the woods of Grand Teton National park. The fox running by didn’t care for a photo moment but the view from our cabin was cool enough. (WY)


11. It’s a safe bet to say you’ll see bison in Yellowstone NP… It’s also safe to say you won’t get tired of seeing these mighty beasts roaming around. (WY/MT)


12. One of the views during our canoe trip on Whitefish Lake, where size doesn’t matter. It’s all about location here… (MT)


13. Yep, Yellowstone also has a Grand Canyon… and yep, it is stunning! (WY/MT)


14. Glacier National Park wearing its fall coat. The colors are said to be even more impressive later in the season. (WY)


15. Jenny Lake again, just because it’s so beautiful. (WY)