Vegetarian in Berlin? 6 affordable food options

When in Germany, you eat sausage and drink beer? Not in a cosmopolitan city like Berlin, where vegetarianism and veganism are getting more and more popular. There’s quite a few high-end vegetarian places to choose from but you don’t always have to take it to a gastronomy level to eat great veggie food. Here are s 6 lovely, affordable and green food options in the Neukölln district.


Zimt Und Mehl (Weigandufer 16)

From a sweet breakfast to a cheese breakfast and my favorite: a veggie breakfast with fruits, vegetables, different kinds of cheese and lovely Mediterranean appetizers. The plates are generous, the greens are fresh, prices are reasonable (menu’s starting from 4,60 euro, including coffee or tea) and the juices are 100% freshly squeezed. My kind of breakfast! You can take a seat outside if you like (there’s an extra cosy terrace near the canal). Before 10 am is a good time for a nice spot in the sun, it can get crowded after that.

Veggie breakfast and fruits




Hamy (Hasenheide 10)

I prefer quick and healthy lunches when I’m on a citytrip, and Hamy is both. Don’t be fooled by the ‘basic’ interior of this Vietnamese café: the food is lovely and cheap (all mains are under 4,9 euro) and they have a few special drinks in store as well, like melon cocktails. Oh, and service here is extremely quick. Talk about fast food!! There are vegetarian alternatives for all meat dishes.




Çiğköftem (Karl Marx Strasse 75)

Berlin has the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey and Neukölln is the heart of that community. So you haven’t entirely experienced Berlin if you haven’t tried a few of the Turkish specialities. You might know this one already if you’re vegetarian: the Turkish chain Çiğköftem has branches in different countries. You can eat vegan and vegetarian snacks here, the burgers and dürüm wraps are small but delicious, they’re made on the spot and priced accordingly. Also fun: you can choose the level of spiciness.


 Elit Simit (Karl Marx Straße 109)

For another Turkish experience, try the Elit Simit cafe and bakery in the Karl Marx Straße 109. Simits are sesame bread rings and you’ll find them here with different kinds of fillings (from cheese to olives), along with a whole range of other bread types and side dishes.



 Sfizy Veg (Treptower Straße 95)

Sfizy Veg is a vegan pizzeria – the first of its kind in Europe. They serve salads, pasta, foccacia and 10 pages of different style pizzas! From Indian to pizza burgers and ‘green’ pizzas. This place is also locally famous for its smoothies en juices. We tried two of their green smoothies, the ‘Energizer’ (carrot, apple, beetroot, cucumber and spinach) and ‘Skin cleanse’ (orange, carrot, lettuce and spinach). You order at the counter and you can serve yourself free tap water. Can’t decide between two pizzas? You can order a big pizza with two differently garnished halves and share it with a friend. It takes a while to get served (the place is always packed) but the food is worth the wait.


Apple & goat cheese salad for starters
Calzone con (veg)salami
  • Thanks for the nice pictures and information! I will visit Sfizy Veg and try the pizza (the pictures made me hungry). One of my favourite vegetarian snackbars in Berlin is “Glück to go” ( in Kreuzberg. Nice ‘hamburgers’ and the best fries of the city!

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  • Yum! Not traveling to Berlin anytime soon, but want to now! Thanks for sharing, not always easy to find vegetarian places.

  • francaangloitalian

    SfizyVeg is our favourite vegan pizzeria in Berlin, we kept going back there, the food was yummy and the place very welcoming 🙂