Not your everyday staircase…

This is the staircase to a shop and art gallery, in the Mitte district of Berlin.


On the first floor you’ll find the Neurotitan shop & Gallery (you can visit the gallery for 2 euro), on the second floor is the Stockx clothing shop. For a long time the building was a crack house until in the nineties a few artists decided to make use of the empty spaces. It’s actually hip now to have a store out here. Would you go up if there was no one around?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, did you film this??!! I love the video!

  • the video is great, but I have to admit – the place is intimidating! how many people entered and then ran away before they’d seen anything i wonder?

  • That’s so killer. Nice time on those stairs 😉

  • interesting…

  • I love that the walls of the stairway are literally covered. Looks cool, but I’d probably be too chicken to check it out on my own!