The airport of the future


Bye bye personnel and traditional check-in counters, hello new-generation computers! These are self-service check-in and self-service bagage drop units by Lufthansa in Munich. The system first had a test-run in Frankfurt and is now also installed in Munich. No more hoping the staff is in a good mood and lets you go through with slightly overweight luggage… Computer says no!  😉


  • Checked in with luggage for Norwegian flight in Helsinki without personnel. Printed and even scanned luggage tags by myself.

    • That’s the same system indeed, I had to scan and print my luggage tags in Munich too.

  • As long as it works better than the self-checkouts at Walmart!

  • Have you seen the weird virtual staff things they have too? I’m not sure how to describe them except as something like a life-size electronic paper doll. They talk to you and give you instructions.

    • Do you mean the holograms? I haven’t seen any virtual paper dolls for sure… Too bad!

      • Haha maybe holograms is what they are! I haven’t tried to touch them, but I assumed they were solid.

  • Next step? No more flight attendants? 🙂

  • Lets just take away all human interaction in the world! Goodness… lol. 🙂

  • In my experience, TESCO’s self checkout system was too sensitive to weight. I hope future airport check-in system could be slightly sloppy. Perhaps the system will offer a special discount of new light-weight suitcase in the near future. And even a diet program also?

  • I have lived in Munich for 5 years, seen these machines many times, but never had this brilliant idea of photographing them. You’re good…

    • 🙂 Thanks! You could still go back and capture the life-size hologram staff, because I missed those!

  • System used at Schiphol is also very cool. Check for the product, coolest self-service on the market if you ask me