Street art in Lisbon

Abandoned buildings can be a real eyesore in an otherwise pretty and elegant city, like Lisbon. But there are ways to transform ‘aesthetically depressing’ sites into impressive pieces of art…

A thief in the night looking like he’s about to grab an unsuspecting passerby, giant birds hanging on to a branch growing out of the window, a crying crocodile on the loose, a questionable king drinking from planet earth with a straw…  I ran into these giant graffiti paintings in the Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo in Lisbon, covering the facades of three huge abandoned apartment buildings. The works are part of a big urban street art project called ‘Crono’ that was launched two years ago. Some of the best graffiti artists from around the world (Spain, Brazil, Italy) were asked to draw positive attention to a few neglected buildings. A job well done!

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  • Beautiful art! Must have taken a while to paint!

  • Got a few buildings in Waco that could benefit from that treatment…

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  • Great shots!! The colours really pop.

  • Bernie

    je ne connaissais pas mais c’est superbe ! tu as vraiment l’art de la photo Tine, c’est agréable de découvrir ces “fractions du monde” avec toi 🙂 bises

  • Love these pictures!
    Very promising for my trip to Portugal this summer:)

  • Just got back from Lisbon, sad I missed these awesome murals! Clearly I must go back immediately. Gorgeous shots!

  • wow I grew up in Portugal, Lisbon and I remember that the wall grafitti that I have seen before

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