Play me, I’m yours

What better way to celebrate music than by randomly placing pianos all over town… That’s what happened in Geneva, Switzerland, during the ‘Fête de la musique’: 33 pianos, scattered around the city and set up at places where you wouldn’t expect to find a piano at all : from the docks to the shopping streets and even on bridges. Available for anyone to play! 

The ‘fête the la musique’ started up in France and gradually spread out to other countries like Switzerland. In Geneva, the musical feast starts on the 21nd of June and continues for two days … and nights! Big bands, music parades, street musicians, outdoor park concerts, professional and not so professional singers and dancers, musical light spectacles, jam sessions, choirs, markets …  Anything that even remotely has to do with music, is present during those three days. But the true eye-catchers must be the pianos, installed on various locations like bus shelters, on the docks near the Geneva lake, right in the shopping streets, in the parks, in outside galleries, markets, promenades, on bridges … Whether you’re a renowned virtuoso or just a curious musical newbie: with the simple words ‘Jouez, je suis à vous’ or ‘play me, I’m yours’, the instruments don’t discriminate: just have a seat and play.

36 cities, 750 pianos

The pianos are actually part of an artwork by installation artist Luke Jerram. His blacks and whites have been touring internationally for a few years now: more than 750 pianos have been installed in 36 cities like New York, Munich, Toronto, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and just recently: Paris! Since 2011 I’ve seen pianos in Londen and Perth in the strangest places, but Geneva really takes the cake…



Fête de la musique in Geneva, 2011: 20 pianos are scattered around in the city. This year, there are 33!











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