Klunkerkranich: drinks & sunsets in Berlin

If you’re looking for a nice summer spot in Berlin to get your evening off to a great start, try the Klunkerkranich bar in in Neukölln. The sky bar sits on top of a car park and even though the secret has been out for a while now, this place still makes you feel like you’re part of the local Berliner scene.

I would have never known about the Klunkerkranich bar if two friends living in Berlin hadn’t taken me there. And if I had known, I would have never found it: the entrance is somewhat hidden. You need to go inside the Neukölln Arcaden mall, take the elevators to the highest floor of the car park and then walk to the ramp that takes you to the rooftop level, where the bar is.

Take a seat at one of the white wooden picnic tables or on the wooden platforms in the centre, have a drink at the bar or walk around enjoying the lights, the music and the fabulous views of Berlin. Yes it’s hip, but at the same time it’s a very unpretentious place with the quirky entrance, the playful lights, the splash pool to cool your feet and the sandpit to release your inner child (or your actual children). You can have breakfast here as well as lunch or dinner so all ages are welcome. Right before entering the bar you’ll find the ‘Klunker Garten’, the only (and free) community roof garden in Berlin.





Good to know

  • To get there, take the subway to Rathaus Neukölln, it’s on the Karl-Marx-Straße. Then find the Arcaden mall (Karl-Marx-Straße 66)
  • There’s a maximum capacity so whenever someone leaves, someone else gets in. Tip: go early!
  • You pay a 3 euro entrance fee.
  • Klunkerkranich is German for a type of African bird: the wattled crane.


  • looks like a stunning place!

  • Neat summer hangout! What do you think of the place in Gent that looks like this? Gastons I think?

    • Tine

      Ah yes, Gaston, I was there for a wedding recently, a lovely place (if the weather is nice)!