IN PICTURES: Cairo, 3 weeks before the riots

Mid June in Cairo, just three weeks before the military coup happened in July. Small groups of protestors gathered at the Egyptian museum or took their place on Tahrir Square, letting their voices be heard. But all in all, people carried on with their everyday lives. Here’s a few street photos I took in the heart of the city. I can only imagine the difference with how it is right now…



  • Great photos …. seeing these photos and the smiles on peoples’ faces, it’s hard to believe what it must be like there now. Thanks for sharing images of Egypt. I’ve never seen photos of every day life in Egypt before.

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  • Great shots. Such a pity that it is all unravelling.

  • Wonderful gallery that captures the essence of life in Cairo! My heart goes out to its residents.

  • Some really fantastic photos here. It’s great to see the colors and people of everyday Egypt when all we get on the news is images of destruction and sadness. I’d love to visit Cairo in the future, hopefully peace isn’t too far away.

  • TBM

    Looks like a busy and vibrant place. Such a shame what is going on.