What’s cooking? Cabbages and a whole lot of condoms…

There are plenty of cool restaurants to choose from in metropolitan Bangkok, but let me tell you right now that Cabbages & Condoms will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The restaurant treats you with great traditional Thai food, an enchanting and fun decor, and condoms. A whole lot of condoms.


The inspiring story

Helping and educating the poor

Cabbages and Condoms (C&C) is run by one of Thailand’s most diverse non-profit organizations called PDA (Population and Community Development Association). The organization focuses on family planning and wanted to do something really radical to make the people in Thailand aware of the rapid and problematic population growth (Thai families have an average of seven children…) And so PDA started Cabbages & Condoms. The name comes from the idea that birth control should be as accepted and accessible as vegetables in the market… Parts of the restaurant profits are used to provide the poor Thai farming villagers of contraceptive pills and condoms, to give HIV/Aids education and prevention, for environmental conservation and various other development activities of PDA. So yes, C&C is a restaurant, but there’s so much more to it!

The crazy decor

Here a condom, there a condom

The decor is as much of a reason as the food to come here. The outside terrace is decorated with thousands of colorful fairy lights floating in the air and inside the walls have plenty of quirky and funny decorations, from ‘safe sex’ posters to replicas of famous pieces of art that are slightly altered to fit the theme. The Mona Lisa smiles for a different reason here… And there are condoms of course, integrated in the entire restaurant. From condom lamps to condom flowers arrangements and big condom statues. Apparently during Christmas time, there’s even a condom Christmas tree!


The outside terrace. It was raining when we were there so we couldn’t sit outside. But it still looked amazing!
Condom lamps and statues
Condom flower arrangment
Ho ho ho!


 The Thai menu

“Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”

The menu at C&C is very Thai and extremely extensive. The best way for a cosy dining experience is to have dinner the Thai way: just order a dozen of different dishes, put them in the middle and share them with your table companions. Some of the things we had: a ‘Condom salad’ (with carrots, rice, scampi and beetroot), tofu with a palm sugar en coconut sauce, Miang kham (a snack with a combination of ingredients like dried coconut, grilled peanuts, lemon, shrimp, ginger and onion, wrapped in a wild tea leaf and served with a fish dipping sauce) and a massaman curry fish soup. You can find the entire menu online here. The restaurant is quite big so you normally don’t need to book ahead.

Miang kham
Tofu dish
The Condom salad
The inside, with big tables & a delightful ambiance.


The shop

Memory dick, anyone?

Near the exit and entrance is a funny little souvenir shop with handicrafts. Many of the objects are made by villagers from all over Thailand.





I bet you’re giggling right now!
A free condom on your way out, for a ‘safe’ trip home…

You’ll find C&C at 6 Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road (near the business district). For other places in Thailand where you can find a C&C, click here.