Bangkok – city of selfies


I have never seen people take so many selfies as in Bangkok… Really! Everywhere you look in the city, people are stretching out their arms and snapping away with their phones and cameras. The reason is simple: Bangkok is filled with picture-perfect backdrops that hardly need any editing. Whether it’s a market, a temple or a street view, the colors are bright and intense, the architecture is impressive and imaginative and the details are abundant and fun. And the people are kind and tolerant, which makes it all the more inviting. Take the Wat Pho buddhist temple in the Phra Nakhon district, adjacent to the Grand Palace. Just what you need for a superb selfie! More on my trip to Thailand coming soon.

  • so I

  • so I was expecting a series of selfies! 🙂 or at least a bunch of pics from Bangkok!

  • As it is a lazy Sunday here in Belgium and I am writing my travelstory on Chicago I was thinking, this must be the city of selfies… How people try to find the best position for their selfie at ‘The Bean’ on Millenium Park… City of Selfies, hey, that sounds great. But Google puts your line on third place! Good on ya! Will have to find another angle… 😉 x

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