Six benches around the word

Benches around the world, from Curaçao and Scotland to Switzerland, Canada and Wales.

Caracasbaai Curaçao

Not the most popular beach amongst tourists, who prefer the paid beaches at Jan Thiel close to the fancy resorts. But this free beach is still gorgeous! We had lunch on one of these benches – there are worse places for a picnic, right?

Curaçao beach

Loch Duich in Scotland

Eilean Donan is one of the most photographed castles of Scotland, but I think this photo wouldn’t be the same without the wooden bench in the front.


Quartier des Grottes, Switzerland

The main focus lies on the graffiti, but I reckon the bright orange bench adds an extra colourful dimension to it all! I noticed this site while walking to the so-called Smurf Village, a very peculiar district of Geneva.


Algonquin Park, Canada

Another lunch spot! It looks like a peaceful and quiet spot, but there’s a reason why this bench wasn’t taken already: it was windy as hell out there! Taken in Algonquin Park in Ontario.

CanadaBench Algonquinn

Aberaeron in Wales

The colourful benches are part of the terrace of The Hive on the Quay, a cool ice cream bar in Aberaeron. Guess what ice cream flavor the bar is famous for – the name kind of gives it away: honey! It was de-li-cious 🙂


Lenzerheide in Switzerland

This bench comes with a real story… Around the idyllic Heid Lake in Lenzerheide, you’ll find dozens of benches just like this one, but they all have different names and message inscriptions. This one says ‘Theo Gerber’s Oasis’, so I imagine someone close dedicated this bench to him. The complete story behind the benches is one click away: ‚A bench with your name on it’.





  • Great varied selection, I think I’ld take the one with the view of Eilean Donan!

  • What a beautiful collection! Difficult to chose the favourite one but I believe it would be the Lenzerheide, Switzerland one for me. 🙂

  • mrscarmichael


  • I will chose the last one in Lenzerheide but the completed collection (fractions) are awesome. Congratulations

  • I take tons of photos of benches. No idea why. These are great! I could sit all day on that bench looking out at Eilean Donan. Beautiful place for daydreaming 🙂

  • What an absolutely inspired blog — a collection of benches from around the world. Great photography as well, I might add.