A bench with your name on it

What if you want to embellish your lakeside town with nice wooden benches, but you lack the funds to put them there? You make the inhabitants your sponsors! In a village in Switzerland, locals were given the opportunity to buy a public bench and have their name (or the name of a loved one) immortalized on it.  You can find the dozens of benches all around the idyllic Heid lake. 

Lenzerheide is a mountain resort in the canton of Graubünden, in Switzerland. In the middle of the high valley lies the stunning Heidsee or Heid lake. Families come here to swim, play, picnic, barbecue, sail, fish, surf … and walk. You can walk all around the lake, from the right shore which is a nature reserve, to the left shore where most of the people get together. Every few meters, you’ll see a bench along the pathway, with different messages or name inscriptions. From one lover to another, from two best friends together, from children to their parents and so on. Every bench has its story and as you walk around, you can’t help but wonder what those stories are.

The Heidsee
Dora & Paula’s bench — two sisters perhaps?
“The bench of Heidi Scheiber’s dreams”
“Grandpa Walter’s bench for this 75th birthday”
“For my darling Brigitta v HJ”
“Theo Gerber’s oasis”
“You can take a break now, Trudi”
“Gabie & Jürgen’s dream”
A nickname for grandparents?


If anyone can translate this, please tell me what it says! ‘Zimele’ is old German for heaven, that’s as far as I could get…