VIDEO: Paragliding in La Réunion

Cruising through the air with a wing on a string, it’s something I have always wanted to do. I finally did it on Réunion island!  And I took my camera along for the ride, of course.

Ile de la Réunion has a handful of great paragliding sites, like the one at Saint­‐Leu where I had my paragliding ‘baptism’. I ran off a 800 meter cliff (securely fastened to the instructor behind me), we drifted into a thermal current to climb even higher and then circled over forest tops, gorges and sugar cane fields, with a splendid view over the western coastline. Before landing on the beach we were gliding right above the Indian ocean, admiring the lagoon with its coral reefs and various shades of blue. The whole adventure lasted about 30 minutes. Definitely worth repeating!

Oh, the song is ‘Saarang’ by Ziskakan, one of the most famous bands from the island.

  • Paragliding is something that’s on my list, also! I so can’t wait to do it. I’ve already done skydiving, so can’t let this one pass!

    • I haven’t done skydiving yet, where did you do it? I can imagine paragliding is a bit more relaxing, more time to take in the surroundings 🙂

      • I did it, just south of Sydney. 🙂 It’s over quickly, of course (1 minute of free-fall, 5 minutes under canopy), but well worth it. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    fantastisch, om jaloers op te zijn!ik ben blij dat je ook dit hebt mogen meemaken

  • kristofpattyn

    that seamed like great fun

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