Hotel tip! Sleeping in heaven

Anyone living in Belgium will tell you that there’s no way you’ll end up in the town of Bellegem as a tourist, unless you’re lost or you’re a criminal headed for the French border. But I’m giving you a good reason to go anyway… and stay the night: the B&B ‘Het verloren Gedicht’ or ‘The Lost Poem’. Right next to the village church, the ancient monastery is now a luxury bed and breakfast. Heaven on earth!

Bellegem is a small rural Belgian village, located in the West of Flanders. Up until 1967, the neo-gothic style monastery and adjoining convent chapel next to the church was inhabited by nuns. After it was sold to private owners, it was converted to a B&B in 2008. You enter via the former gate of the monastery (originally built in 1872) and you’re welcomed by manageress Régine-Marie. Downstairs you’ll find the breakfast and dining area and two of the three rooms, upstairs under the dome you”ll find the luscious suite. Make sure to book well in advance: there’s a waiting list, especially for the suite! Some of the features: spectacular yet faithful retro baths, ancient accessories like an old telephone, ancient perfume bottles and stained glass windows, a romantic jacuzzi (in the suite), lounge chairs et cetera. The two rooms downstairs give access to the romantic garden as well. Fun to know; the three rooms are named after famous poems. For example: the suite’s name is ‘Elysium’, after a poem by Emily Dickinson. 

Good to know: The city of Kortrijk is just a ten minute drive away, there are marked walking trails going through the village and there are quite a few gourmet restaurants as well.  (in several languages) & here it is on TripAdvisor



  • That’s the difference between Europe or Britain, compare to the rest of the world. You can find odd B&B in funny places, and tourist still go there, compare to Australia for instance: between two big cities, there are nothing in between.

    • That’s definitely true, Nina! Perhaps it has to do with the small size of Belgium: everywhere is walking distance so to speak, so people (tourists as well as locals) are more likely to leave the big cities for a unique experience.

  • This is now on my ever-expanding list of places for when I go back to Belgium…

  • Minus the creepy wooden baby, the place is exquisite

    • :-))) Perhaps the baby is the ‘friend’ mentioned in the Elysium poem… “If in that Room a friend await, Felicity or Doom…”

      • I don’t care if it’s Jesus Himself, baby’s gotta go.

  • Beautiful write up and real nice images 🙂

  • Wow, what an interesting and beautiful bedroom!

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