Road trip through Yellowstone National Park

Last September my boyfriend and I traveled through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana for a month. Here’s part two of our journey!

We entered the park via Jackson (WY), drove from Grant Village all the way to Canyon Village via the Grand Loop Road. The next day we headed to Mammoth and did an ‘Evening wildlife encounter Tour’ with the Iconic Yellow Bus in Lamar Valley. On day three, we went back south via the other side of the Grand Loop, to the Norris Geysir Basin.

  • Great adventure in an awesome place, thanks for the great video. I really like seeing all the wildlife and the Yellowstone-characteristic mud pot bubbles and steam vents.

    • Tine

      I loved it too, I would love to go back to go camping! Thanks for commenting.

  • Yellowstone’s one of my favorite places. Tammy and I went there on our first vacation as marrieds. Really want to go again…

    • Tine

      What a fantastic idea to go there as newlyweds! A great excuse to go back later in life… 🙂

  • kristofpattyn

    Really well done video (editing/music), makes me feel like visiting it in the future!

    • Tine

      Merci Kristof 🙂