Hotel tip: Maple Hill B&B

At the Maple Hill B&B in Kentucky, you’re spending the night in a mini Downton Abbey decor, but with a big modern swimming pool and a gorgeous waterfront view. Out here, it’s all about enjoying the best of two worlds.

Set in a historic home that dates back to the 1850’s, the Maple Hill B&B is a real treat for anyone who loves vintage decors. From the bedrooms to the dining room and hallway, the B&B is decorated from top to toe with antiques from earlier times. Especially the living and dining room, where breakfast is served, feel like you’ve traveled through time, all the way back to the Victorian era, somewhere in the late 19th century… Old black and white family portraits on the shelves and walls, porcelain tableware, striking wallpapers with a touch of nostalgia, burning candles and a whole set of vintage clothing and accessories in the sitting area make the blast from the past all the more real. It’s like looking at pictures from an old interior design magazine! Sherri, the lady of the house, serves a delicious breakfast, including homemade waffles, yoghurt and fresh fruits.

The house sits high on the shores of the beautiful Lake Barkley in Eddyville in Western Kentucky, a good starting point to explore the Land of the Lakes peninsula with its wild turkeys, elks and bisons. The rooms (4 in total) are all on the first floor. They’re spacious and quiet and they fit the theme perfectly. They even come with a cool bonus: there’s a porch for all guests to enjoy, with rocking chairs and a fabulous view over the garden, the pool and the lake. We had the pool and the porch all to ourselves during our visit.  We stayed in the tapestry room and our bathroom was small but cosy, with a neat old-fashioned claw foot bathtub. Some of the items that you’ll find in the bathroom are for sale in the hallway.


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  • Upon request you can have breakfast outside on the porch
  • Free wifi
  • Private parking
  • A quiet residential neighborhood
  • The private jetty on the lake makes for a romantic spot to sit.


  • Breakfast is lush but repetitive if you’re staying a few nights in a row
  • The B&B is a half hour drive from the north entrance of the Land of the Lakes. The elk and bison prairie inside the park (most popular either at dusk or at dawn) is another 40 minute drive, so you need to organize your time well if you don’t want to spend too many time in the car!
  • No onsite dining, but there are a few decent enough options within an easy drive