Idaho in 20 Instagrams

It may be the most misunderstood and underrated state of the U.S., but it’s also one of the most surprising, welcoming and beautiful places I have ever been to. Here’s Idaho in 20 Instagrams. 

1. Boise has a few great restaurants like Fork on 8th Street. Find this sign and you find Fork!


2. A Salmon shaped mailbox along the Salmon Scenic Byway, the most beautiful byway in Idaho if you ask me. The Ponderosa Pine scenic byway comes next.


3. Here it is! The Ponderosa Pine scenic byway takes you through the Sawtooth National Forest. We liked it so much that we changed our travel route so that we’d drive through it again at the end of our trip.


4. Another shot along the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Bayway.


5. This is a former fire cabin on top of the Shorty Peak mountain, near the Canadian border. It’s now a ‘hotel for two’. There’s no water and no electricity and no people around for miles, but priceless views guaranteed!


6. The Shorty Peak cabin from the inside.


7. Shorty Peak during sunrise. Stunning!


8. Conquering the Route of the Hiawatha Bike trail, a former railroad in Northern Idaho, close to Montana.


9. More of the Hiawatha bike trail.


10. A bit of ‘cloudporn’: sunrise in Stanley.


11. The Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise. The stories they tell you here are incredible!


12. Redfish Lake in Sawtooth. You’re treated with a few gorgeous views while hiking.


13. A turkey vulture at the magnificent World Center for birds of Prey in Boise. The bird was opening its wings every time someone stopped to look at him. The Center studies and helps restore endangered birds of prey through captive breeding.


14. Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls.


15. Inside the State Capitol Building in Boise, home of the government of the state of Idaho. The building is heated by geothermal water.


16. Stanley Lake in Stanley. Beautiful, even when foggy.


17. Idaho has the tiniest towns… Like this one: Clayton! Population: 7.


18. Balanced Rock road. Amazing sights and yet no one around!


19. Elkhorn hotsprings, nicknamed ‘Boat Box’: a soaking tub in the Salmon River, filled with natural hot spring water.


20. And finally: the majestic Snake River Canyon.


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  • Love Idaho. 🙂 Next time you go through, make a stop at Craters of The Moon. An awesome place.

    • Hey Iris, Craters of the moon was on our ‘to visit’ list, but we spent so much time in the Sawtooth area that we had to skip the Craters… But we’ll definitely go back 🙂

  • Wow! Who knew Idaho was so beautiful?! We’ll have to add that to our list of places to see.

  • Angela Dowin

    Beautiful photos! Looks like I’m going to have to plan a trip to Idaho.

    • Keep me posted 🙂 Oh and try to make it to the Sawtooth area – it’s absolutely breathtaking out there!

  • A very interesting and diverse collection… Just loved the color and mood in these images 🙂

    • Thank you Sreejith, that means a lot coming from such a wonderful photographer such as yourself!

  • Sara Kirby

    I’m so glad you visited! I loved growing up in Idaho. I grew up in Parma so it was completely normal to pull over and help a cow get back into its pasture or stop to let deer, foxes, skunks, raccoons, ranchers, tractors, horses, etc. cross the road.

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  • I agree Idaho is definitely under-rated. The few times I’ve passed though the state I’ve been amazed by it’s beauty. But I’d challenge you to travel through Wyoming and get off the I-80 on either side and see some of the most extraordinarily beautiful country I’ve ever seen. Deep Creek is incredible, as is traveling towards Flaming Gorge, also Snyder Canyon was breath taking and that just to the south side of the freeway.

    • We saw a bit of Wyoming ( but didn’t make it to the I-80. I’m determined to return to the US to explore Utah and Wyoming… When that day comes, I might get back to you and ask for more tips on what to see 🙂

      • Sure, no problem. The funniest part is that the I-80 is just plain boring. Most people hurry to get through this part but miss some country that is very surreal. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the pictures of China’s painted hills? Well in all honesty this area is much more beautiful. The colors will simply amaze you. Anyway when the time comes let me know.

        • Sounds amazing! Reminds me a bit of Australia… The main roads are mostly boring at first sight, but as soon as you get off the highway and explore the area, it’s fantastic!

          • You got it. I was shown around by a native Indian friend who knew the area real well. The highlight of it all was seeing a herd of wild horses encircling their young at dusk. Really wish I would have gotten a picture of that one.

  • Aww, thank you for highlighting some of the sights from my home state. I’m so glad you saw Shoshone Falls. It’s incredible and no one makes it out there. All my favourite places are up north (as you saw in my blog), but the whole state is packed with great sights to see. (And yes, street signs on country roads are always filled with bullet holes.)

  • LOOOOOVE this!! your pictures are absolutely amazing…and i’ve just gone through many of these places now. i’m in Coeur d’Alene for the week. any suggestions?

    • Thanks 🙂 Coeur d’Alene is the one place we didn’t visit in Idaho 🙂 After a long day of driving from Whitefish towards Coeur d’Alene (via the highway 2, 65 and 200), we ended up spending the night near Sandpoint instead… Never got the chance to see what Coeur d’Alene was like, let me know how it was!

      • it was really beautiful. i only scratched the tippy top surface…with only 1 week there. i really need to get back. Lake CDA is just breathtaking and lots of sweet, tiny towns and beautiful back roads around the area. i need a year there 🙂 who knew Idaho was so stunning???

  • Wonderful images!