The Lake of Bays in Ontario

Staying up late has its benefits… This photo is taken at Lake of Bays in Muskoka, Ontario. It’s located about 250 km (155 miles) north of Toronto and the only reason why we ended up here, was because we were tired and needed a place to spend the night before entering Algonquin National Park the next day. Turns out our motel was within walking distance of a big lake and so we decided to take a walk to stretch our legs before going to sleep. The lake treated us with a wonderful evening scene.


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  • Looks delightful!

  • Nice shot 🙂

  • Steve Remen

    Just Lovely , we own the big house at the top of the hill, up from your photo. Would you have any problems, sending me a good e-mailed digital photo. I would like to have it printed and used in the house or have my wife hook a rug with your picture. She is a Rug Hooker and has been bugging me to take a good picture that she could use. We would be most thankful and if you come back, drop in and we will treat you to lunch or dinner at a local eatery.
    Thanks, Steve & Marion Remen