About me

The work bit

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a journalist. I was the one cheering in the back of the class whenever we were assigned an essay… I joined a newspaper team as soon as I graduated. As a freelancer at first, and as an employee after a year or so. A few years down the line, I found myself wondering if this is where I wanted to be and as it turned out, it wasn’t. I wanted to travel the world a lot more than my office job allowed me to, I wanted to live in a different city for a change and take on new challenges. Start fresh from work, from love, from life. And that’s exactly what I did. I quit my job in July 2009 (yep, right at the time the financial crisis started), started freelancing again and years later here I am, still standing strong!

The travel bit

I made my first trip abroad when I was 8, as a member of a folk dancing group, and I have been traveling ever since. My main goal with this blog is to share the small fractions of the world that I have been to, exactly the way I have experienced them. Honest and unplugged. They’re just fractions of a big, big world, but everyone has a different view while traveling so you might just discover something new…

I especially enjoy traveling off the beaten path. Not that it always has to be extremely adventurous (there’s always some sort of a plan), but there’s something very calming and satisying in not going where you’re expected to go. Like this tiny village in Northern Spain, this solitary castle in Riga, a kayaking trip in the Northern Territory of Australia or a walk on London’s East side. So here’s my humble part in documenting the less obvious fractions of the world!

My modest mantra: travel to be there, not to have been there.

My travel gear
  • Main digital camera: I started with a Canon EOS 300D 12 years ago. Switched to a Canon EOS 30D four years later after the 300D broke down (erosion issue) and now I use a 5D Mark II (bought in 2012).
  • Analog camera: Canon EOS 300. I’ve had it for over 10 years now and it’s still working.
  • Video: My very first handycam was a Sony DCR-TRV11 with mini DV tapes and 1.55 megapixels…. I used it up until 3 years ago but the camera is too heavy and too poor in quality to continue using. Now I have a Kodak Zi8 & waterproof Nikon Coolpix AW100. I’m saving for a new HD camera to replace my old one… Or perhaps an action cam?
  • Go Pro Hero3 Silver Edition, since October 2014.


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